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Education. Confidence. Friendships.

Image by Max Prieß


Become Multi-Talented

Here at Honolulu Band Camp, we encourage children to embrace music with an open mind. This includes giving your child a chance to learn about as many musical instruments as possible. The instruments we'll be teaching are drums, piano, bass, guitar, vocals and DJ. Every child will have an opportunity to play!

Music Set


Fun Education

With the enlisted help of amazing local talent, your child will be mentored under the best Hawaii has to offer. This will be an opportunity for kids to soak in as much knowledge as possible along with being given a chance to demonstrate what they have learned each day.

Image by Noralí Nayla


Live Performance

Everyone will be performance ready by the end of the week! The final step before leaving this camp will require the students rock out on stage!

Program: Program
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